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Call for Papers

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Call for Papers

Theme: The Ethics of War and Peace
Type: Annual Conference
Institution: Societas Ethica
Location: Maribor (Slovenia)
Date: 21.-24.8.2014
Deadline: 31.3.2014

Wars have always been a part of human life, as have attempts to end
them. Questions of war and peace are a constant challenge for ethics.

2014 is the centenary of the outbreak of World War I and "The Ethics
of War and Peace" is the theme of the annual conference of Societas
Ethica. Recent European history, especially the civil war in the
former Yugoslavia, has shown that the tensions behind World War I are
still with us.

The pledge "Never again!" was not fulfilled. New wars arose, within
and outside Europe, that manifested still other origins: for example,
wars related to colonialism, imperialism and struggles for
independence, to ambitions for hegemony, to global inequalities
between rich and poor, to religious extremism, to drug trafficking,
to overpopulation, to the illegal arms trade, etc. Today we witness
atrocious civil wars in the Middle East, and the 'war on terror' has
led to new forms of war such as the use of drones and cyber attacks.

The realities of war in the twenty-first century are in desperate
need of thorough moral reflection. Our cultural heritages offer
diverse reflective contributions here, ranging from Sun-tsu's "Art of
war" and Clausewitz's "Vom Kriege" to Thomas Aquinas' and Hugo
Grotius' theories of just war, or from Hobbes' analysis of aggressive
human nature to Kantian attempts to set up a stable world order
without wars.

Through different parallel sessions Societas Ethica will address the
major moral questions regarding war and peace. These sessions will
focus on:

- the roots of war (e.g. human aggression, social life, etc.)
- theories of just war (including questions about 'humanitarian
- the rules of war (e.g. the treatment of prisoners – Guantanamo,
hostage kidnapping – child soldiers, the arms trade, etc.)
- new forms of warfare (cyber war, the use of drones)
- war and profit (the privatization of war, arms exports, etc.)
- ending war (reconciliation initiatives, war tribunals)
- pacifism
- open channel (for PhD students only)

Contributions will concentrate on one of the topics listed above and
explicitly address moral questions related to it. Paper proposals
should contain no more than 800 words (excluding bibliography), and
clearly present a moral question or argument addressing one of the
aforementioned topics. The deadline is March 31, 2014. Papers can be
presented either in English, German, or French.

Please send in the following two documents as Word attachments to:

Document 1: Your name, first name, email address, institutional
address, the title of your abstract, the topic under which your paper
proposal falls, and, if eligible, your application to participate in
the Young Scholars' Award competition (see information below).

Document 2: Your paper proposal including bibliography (max. 10
references) and title with all identifying references removed.

Societas Ethica Young Scholars' Award is awarded to the best
presentation by a young scholar. Young scholars for the purpose of
this competition are doctoral students and researchers who earned
their degree less than two years ago and do not have a tenure-track
academic position. For more information about Societas Ethica Young
Scholars' Award, please visit the website at:


Societas Ethica

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