Friday, January 31, 2014

Call For Abstracts: Just War Theory, IPT, and the Autonomy of Politics

Got this in an email:
CFA – ECPR Conference – IPT Section – Just War Theory, IPT, and the Autonomy of Politics

Deadline for abstracts: February 10th.

The ECPR General Conference 2014 will be held in Glasgow on the 3 – 6
September. I am putting together a panel proposal for the International
Political Theory section focussing on the intersection and implications of
recent debates within the just war tradition about the principle of the
moral equality of combatants with broader debates within international
political theory about communitarianism and cosmopolitanism. In particular,
much of the revisionist just war literature, along with much cosmopolitan
theory, pushes towards the replacement of politics by philosophy, compared
to the traditional Walzerian approach to just war theory which defends the
autonomy of politics. As such the panel welcomes papers that explore the
relationship between political decisions and moral principles in the context
of these debates.

If you are interested please submit abstracts for papers (150 words max.) to by February 10th.

Ewan E. Mellor

PhD Candidate
Department of Social and Political Sciences
European University Institute


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