Thursday, February 13, 2014

Call for papers

Call for Papers: 
Is the idea of peace relevant for the age of asymmetrical warfare?
A special Issue of Theoria, A Journal of Social and Political Theory
Nir Eisikovits, Suffolk University, Guest Editor

Since the end of World War II, most military conflict has been asymmetrical in nature (that is between a state actor on the one hand and a non-state entity or network of such entities on the other). Examples range from the Algerian War of Independence against the French to the recent American engagements in Iraq and Afghanistan.

When this is the face of war, is the idea of peace (with its classic cosmopolitan features regarding finality of claims, mutual recognition, the creation of lasting legal arrangements to enforce agreements and cooperation between former enemies) still relevant? Does it make sense to talk about a conflict with the Taliban or Al Qaeda terminating in a state of peace? If our idea of peace needs to be revised, how should we revise it? Does it need to be supplemented by other ideas? Which ideas? Can the concept of peace still serve as a useful regulative ideal even when it becomes further and further removed from how wars actually wind down?

Please submit papers of no more than 9,000 words to by July 1st, 2014. Papers should be formatted for blind review and should follow Theoria's House formatting rules. These are available here:

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