Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Gaza and ethics

I generally find it the epitome of colonialist hubris to think it proper to impose traditional Christian Just War principles (like proportionality, proper authority, etc) on a conflict that is largely being fought between Muslim and Jewish political entities. I will have talk about that some other time though, perhaps when I figure out what it is about Israel that makes every philosopher want to be a pundit. Here is a set of links pointing to discussions by ethicists about the Gaza conflict. I leave you, dear reader, to decide who to take seriously and who not to. (H/T for most of these to the Daily Nous. I may update from time to time.)

NPR has a discussion between Michael Walzer, Lionel McPherson, and Michael Newton here.
Michael Walzer in the New Republic here.
Jeff McMahan in Prospect here.
David Enoch in Haaretz here.
Francis Kamm in the Boston Review here.
Assaf Sharon also in the Boston Review here.
Peter Singer in Project Syndicate here.
(Related) Jason Stanley in the Frankfurter Allgemeine here.
Daniel Levine at the Center for International and Security Studies at Maryland here.
Civic Engagement in Philosophy Classes here.
Samir Chopra on his blog here.
Curtis Franks at the Leiter Report here.
Jerry Haber at the Magnes Zionist here.
On Hanoch Sheinman here.
Mary Margaret McCabe here.
Asa Kasher here

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