Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If anyone will be in Sweden in the beginning of February. . . this looks like fun

Intensive course on the Ethics of War
Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace
2 - 6 February, 2015
Helen Frowe and Jonathan Parry

The past twenty-five years have witnessed a remarkable rise in philosophical interest in the ethical problems raised by war. This course will provide a general introduction to the main approaches within this expanding field and explore in detail several of the most pressing and contested issues under debate, such as: Under what circumstances is it permissible to initiate a war? How should we understand the notion of proportionality? Are combatants fighting an unjust war the moral equals of those fighting a just war? Are non-combatants always illegitimate targets in war? What is the role of 'legitimate authority' in political violence? In what ways does terrorism differ from war?

The course is aimed at upper-level undergraduates and graduate students. No prior knowledge of just war theory will be assumed, but participants will be expected to do the set reading in advance. It is free and open to all interested parties. It can either be taken for ECTS credits (7.5 credits, assessed by essay), or simply audited For Fun. The course will be delivered by a combination of interactive lectures and reading group-style seminars, based on readings circulated before the start of the course. There will also be opportunities for students to give short presentations. Places will be limited, so please let us know if you want to attend by emailing helen.frowe@philosophy.su.se. Please indicate if you would like to give a presentation (these should be no longer than 20 minutes). The course will be taught in English.

For those coming from outside Stockholm, there’s a good range of affordable accommodation available through Airbnb. Aim for somewhere near a T-bana stop for hassle-free commuting to the university.

Any questions, please email Helen Frowe.
Dr. Helen Frowe (www.helenfrowe.weebly.com)
Director, Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace
Wallenberg Academy Research Fellow, Department of Philosophy, Stockholm

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